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Culinary Extravaganza Schedule

The “Tilia Culinary Extravaganza” features recipes from around the world and ways to create amazing dishes incorporating the use of herbs.

Schedule and Dishes being taught:

Former caterer Rachel Beck will open the day with a session on “Herbal Fusion”, the art of combining flavours to create new taste sensations with herbs. She will teach how to make traditional Scottish scone and jams & jellies with amazing flavour twists.

Chef Corrine Lauro will take you to Scandinavia and Russia as she demonstrates how to make your own sour cream from scratch; delicious Swedish gravlax (pickled salmon) and then we’re off to Russia for buckwheat blinis. Along the way she will of course share about her French culinary history.

Food blogger and cookbook author Michelle Romano Kropinak takes us to Italy where she celebrates her rich family history by sharing tales of romano beans and teaching you how to make Pasta Fagioli and Italian chickpea flatbread. A glass of wine and scrumptious pasta, yum yum!

We finish our day with Pastry chef Danika Pelzer Wishlow and the best part of any day – dessert! Danika will take us to Switzerland to learn the technique of making amazing Swiss buttercream frosting and then back to Scotland to make lemon lavender shortbread . Takes cookies to a whole new level.

To be a part of our around the world tour, bring your apron and rolling pin and we’re off on our adventure!

Gluten Sensitive? No worries, our chefs will all have gluten- free options available. Simply let us know when you register. To register call 250-428-8866 or email

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