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Tilia Botanicals shop storefront
Tilia Botanicals came to life as a partnership of two dynamic women, Jessica & Rachel, who share a passion for herbs & learning, and a belief that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy while life should definitely be fun! They both wanted to create a business all about helping people to get what they need, not about just trying to sell them a product. They believe one size does not always “fit all” and truly want to work with their customers to create a personalized shopping, healthcare and educational experience that fits each person’s unique needs.

what are our values?


We believe in full disclosure of what’s in all our products. You have a right to know what goes on and in your body.

We will never “upsell” when something at a lesser price is equally effective. It is just wrong and we aren’t going to do it.

If we make a mistake we’ll admit it and we’ll make it right. Simple as that.


We respect our customers and our earth enough to ensure we use only ingredients that are of the best quality and ethically and sustainably sourced. Our commitment to our planet and future generations has lead us to be a “bring your own container store” and to strive to be a zero waste business.

We love the plants we work with and the people who harvest them and this is why we follow only respectful, ethical practice when we harvest and we honour our growers and harvesters by giving them ongoing support and fair prices

We are extremely grateful to all our customers for their amazing support and we are honoured when they visit our shop, whether they buy something or not.


We do not ever judge our customers or clients and we always guarantee their right to confidentiality. We guarantee that we will do everything within our power to make sure no one ever feels unsafe sharing their personal health journey with us.

If we tell you we will do something for you, or order something for you, or teach you something then please know that this is exactly what we will do. No exceptions.

No hovering, we promise. When you come into our store we will check with you and see if you need our help and if you just want to browse, please feel welcome. No one should ever feel they are being stalked in a store. We’re here to help if decide you need help. If you shop online then we promise not to bombard you with pop-ups and emails.


No matter how many questions you ask we promise to answer them as honestly and as helpfully as we can. Questions are how people learn, how they make sure what is right for them and how they build a trusting relationship with us. So ask away!

Don’t want almond oil in your cream? Want a bath bomb in pink not blue? Can’t find exactly the right product for your specific health issue? That is fine with us, we’ll make you exactly what you want and need. You are not bothering us when you make special requests, we truly want you to have the right thing for you (and besides we love creating new customized products!)


No one ever says “I laughed too much in my life” do they? Most of us laugh too little in fact. So we are committed to creating a fun space to shop, heal and learn. To that end we promise to laugh at your jokes, giggle with you when you indulge in an herbal truffle and we’ll even share our coloured markers with you so you can colour outside the lines on the blending bar labels. 


meet the owners

store owner Jessica at Tilia Botanicals
Jessica Shearer has been a nature lover since her early childhood, growing up in the Creston Valley.

A deep interest in science and in life of all forms drew her to the field of biology and eventually to the pursuit in a career in health care.  Her fascination with the body’s ability to heal itself ultimately led her to her studies of herbal medicine in Vancouver.  Jessica graduated from Dominion Herbal College with her diploma in Clinical Herbal Therapy with four years of training and 500 clinic hours.  She continued studying in Vancouver at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition to graduate as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  With her combined passion for herbal medicine, healthy eating and fitness she has worked in pharmacies, health food stores, and fitness centres and eventually, with the help of Rachel Beck as her mentor, she opened her own health consulting practice.  With their shared vision of an herbal apothecary and learning centre Jessica and Rachel went on to open Tilia Botanicals in 2014.  Jessica eats, sleeps, breathes Tilia Botanicals and can most often be found at the shop working on herbal concoctions.  However, she loves to spend her free time off on hikes, on the rock wall or camping with good company.

Rachel Beck developed a passion for herbs and natural medicine in the late 1980s after experiencing health issues.

This passion became a career after returning to school to study natural medicine. Originally from the West Coast, Rachel has been a medical herbalist for almost 30 years. She has a BSc. (HON) in Phytotherapy as well as a MA in Counselling Psychology. Rachel also has additional certifications in homeopathy, medical aromatherapy, and flower essence consultancy. Rachel has taught herbal medicine for 18 years at the College of the Rockies, and now teaches through her own school Natural Options in Education. In additional to having a private healthcare practice, Rachel is also the co-owner and a product developer for Tilia Botanicals.  She has lectured on natural medicine at colleges, conferences, community groups and events, and writes articles on natural health related topics for magazines. Over the years, she has expanded her love of herbs to just about everything herbal, and now can regularly be found regaling family and friends with herbal trivia; and plying them with decadent herbal treats.

store owner Rachel at Tilia Botanicals
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