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blend your own soaps, oils and lotions at Tilia Botanicals' blending bar

Have you heard about our amazing Blending Bar? It’s a must see in our shop. Our “bar” is a place you can get creative and have fun. The Blending Bar contains luxurious unscented, environmentally safe liquid soap, shampoo, bubble bath, lotion, massage oil, body spritzer and bath salt bases along with a raft of pure essential oils.  This is where you get to be creative! You can add as many different essential oils as you want to create your own unique scent for your product (we will keep a record for you so you can reproduce it later if you want). We even have fun labels that you can use our permanent markers to decorate. Non-toxic beauty and lots of fun – might be the best “bar” in town!

handcrafted bath bombs at Tilia Botanicals

We are very passionate about making beautiful, sweet-smelling and all around fun bath and body products using only simple ingredients and pure essential oils.  We strictly avoid artificial fragrances, toxins, and other harmful ingredients of any kind when formulating these creations.  Each cold processed Soap Bar in our collection is handcrafted and made with the finest oils and ingredients. In addition to our regular array of soaps to choose from (including Oatmeal & Goats Milk, Chai Coconut Milk, Luscious Lavender, Lemongrass & Poppy Seed, Lime in the Coconut, Charcoal & Pink Clay and many, many more) we are always coming up with new ideas for our next blend, so watch for those too!  We also formulate beautiful Bath Salt Blends, Bath Bombs, Shower Steamers and Bath Melts which make wonderful gifts for yourself and others. From Body Butters to Deodorant and Bubble Bath Syrups to Lotion Bars, we have the most luxurious blends for true pampering. 

handcrafted natural facial creams at Tilia Botanicals

Luxurious Rose & Shea Butter and Exotic Jasmine Green Tea Facial Creams are just a few of our bestselling natural products. We have facial toners, exfoliating scrubs, masks…the list goes on. All are made with exquisite oils, soothing floral waters and pure essential oils and of course they are all organic. Whatever your skin type we have something to meet your needs.  Of course we are always pleased to make customized beauty products to support your personalized beauty routine.

men's line of products at Tilia Botanicals

Yes your man deserves pampering too so we have developed wonderful products to help guys look their best. Beard Balm, ‘Stache Wax, aftershaves and skin toners are only a few of the great products we offer. We even have a soap called “An Ale of a Soap” made especially for men.  We even have a soap called “An Ale of a Soap” made especially for men and is perfect with our "Man Bubbles" bath bubble bars. And, because you know your guy better than anyone, we are always happy to help you customize a unique product just for him. 

handcrafted spice blends at Tilia Botanicals

Pleasure Teas

We believe we have created a delicious line of all organic pleasure teas to satisfy all taste preferences. Whether you like black tea with just a touch of herbs (try our “Earl Grey” or our “Cozy” Tea), or if you prefer a robust herbal morning blend (try our Morning Perk or Mocha Spice), or enjoy afternoon pick me ups (Luscious lemon or Herbal Chai are wonderful) and calming evening blends (try Honey Bunny or Just Chillin’), we are sure we have a tea for you. Our line is always expanding so drop by to see all the wonderful blends we offer.

Herbal Hot Chocolate & Beverages

We make simply the best hot chocolate anywhere. Our blends are made from all organic ingredients - cocoa and cacoa powders, 72% dark chocolate, organic cane sugar and top quality herbs. Try all of our amazing flavours – Cinnamon Cayenne, Mint, Lavender, Chai, Maca and Anise-Hyssop in regular or no added sugar – and we think you will agree that they’re unsurpassed. In addition to our hot chocolates we offer our extremely popular “Mulling Spice” and our “Golden Milk” powder in our beverage collection.

Scone Mixes

You haven’t lived until you have enjoyed a fresh baked lavender & white chocolate scone topped with our lavender jelly and washed down with a cup of one of our perfectly blended herbal teas! Our extensive culinary line includes our scrumptious organic herbal scone mixes - Lavender & White Chocolate, Ginger & Dark Chocolate, Lemon Verbena Blueberry and seasonal favourites such as Cinnamon, Cranberry & Orange and Peach & Lemon Thyme. Best of all the mixes come in regular and gluten free and we are always happy to make sugar free varieties upon request.

Herbal Infused Jams & Jellies

“Simply heavenly” is how one customer described these. We have created unique blends to tempt your palate and current favourites include Berry Basil, Strawberry Mint, and Cherry Anise-Hyssop Jams as well as Orange Rosemary, Fireweed, Lemongrass Ginger, Lavender, Tilia, Rosy, and Mulled Apple Cider Jellies.  Oh and we mustn’t forget our amazing Sage Apple Butter. We are always creating new and exciting flavours so check out our new additions regularly!

Spices, Blends, Rubs, & Grinders

No kitchen should be without top quality herbs and spices to create delectable meals. At Tilia we offer a wide range of organic single herbs and spices as well as unique spice blends to help you add a “world” of flavour to your cooking. Our culinary spices let your palate travel to exotic places with blends such as the European and French themed “Mediterranean Fusion” “Herbe de Provence” and “Quatre Spice”, African and the Sub –Continent inspired our “Moroccan Spice” and “Indian Curry Rub” while Mexico & the Caribbean are featured in our “Chipotle Cocoa Rub”, “Jamaican Jerk Rub” as well as “Chili-licious” a Tex-Mex favourite blend. We even slipped the Far East and the Southern US into the world tour of spices with our “Thai Spice” and “Smokey Cajun” blends. Closer to home we created two “all-purpose” blends, “Soups Up” and “Hodgepodge” both of which add a wonderful flavour to any dish. Our sweet spices include “Sweetie Pie”, “Chai Spice”, “Chocolate Orange”, “Rose, Cardamom & Vanilla”, “Gingerbread Spice” and “Lemony Fennel & Lavender” blends. We even have spice grinders that include a blend of Himalayan salt, rainbow peppercorns and delicious spice in a great grinder, Try “Lemon Herb”, “Tuscan” or our unique “Immune” blend. Cooking has never been so flavourful!

Our culinary line also includes dip mixes, herbal infused vinegar, organic flavour extracts & culinary floral waters, herbal infused honey; and we even have decadent hand dipped herbal infused truffles and chocolate bars (sugar free options too). Tilia is a perfect place to help you create delicious treats for you and your family!

natural cleaning products at Tilia Botanicals

Cleaning green has never been easier than when you use our non-toxic line of earth & family friendly products. Our “All-Purpose Cleaning Spray” has the perfect combination of natural disinfectant ingredients to remove pathogens from any hard surface.  For deeper cleaning of stains and scuffs our “All Purpose Household Scrub” and “Stain Buster Soap Bars” make easy work of the task.  Other popular products in this line include our All Natural Room Freshener Sprays, Herbal Carpet Freshener Powder, Linen Sprays, and “Toilet Fizzers”.  More specialized cleaning products are coming soon!

products for pets at Tilia Botanicals

We believe that it’s just as important to ensure only the best all natural ingredients are being used when it comes to our furry friends. Our “Hot Spots Salve” is wonderful for rashes and other problem areas on cats and dogs.  Their paws also occasionally need some loving repair and our “Pampered Paws Balm” comes in a stick to easily apply and heal up sore, cracked paws. Both of these soothing balms are made with ingredients that are perfectly safe to ingest, in case they have a tendency to lick. When your muddy canine comes in from some outdoor fun our “Fresh Pet Coat Refresher Spray” is great for a quick clean.  Simply spray onto the coat and paws and dry off with a towel.  We are always happy to take a natural approach to creating custom remedies for your pet.  If your animal has an ailment, we often can use herbs to help treat it, just as we would with humans.

books and learning resources at Tilia Botanicals

We love books, all books, but most especially books on herbs and natural medicine and we have a wide range of great books available to help you learn about herbs and to explore the world of DIY natural remedies, aromatherapy and soap making. We are constantly bringing in new books so you will always have a chance to find what you are looking for. Inspired to make something from one of these books? We are proud to now offer the Maisie Doodle DIY co. line of supplies for the herbal home crafter. They have all you’ll need to make lotions and potions, soaps and scents.

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