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Herbs have been a part of a healthy life for thousands of years and at Tilia we celebrate that time-honoured tradition as we incorporate it with today’s scientific research to create safe, effective herbal remedies for you.

Our old styled herbal medicine apothecary is run by qualified medical herbalists and is fully stocked with tinctures, salves, creams, elixirs, medicinal teas, bath salts, flower essences, dried herbs, and essential oils. We use only the best organic or ethically harvested ingredients in our compounds, so you can be assured that you are getting the best for you and your family.

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Let us help you on your road to wellness.


herbal remedies

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We have created a wide range of great tasting medicinal teas, many made from lovingly harvested local plants, all of which can support your return to good health. Teas that can help ease digestion, soothe coughs and cold, relieve aches and pains, balance hormones, combat stress and much more. Our full line of products is available in store and our most popular items are available online.

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Our extensive herbal tincture collection includes almost 100 different alcohol extracted tinctures as well as dozens of glycerin type extracts (for children and those preferring an alternative to alcohol based extracts). In addition to our single extracts we have developed a line of combination tinctures for specific health issues.  Try our Creston Bitters, Warming Digestive Tonic or Tummy Taming Elixir for digestive health; Indigenous Mushroom blend, Elderberry & Rosehip Syrup, or All-purpose Cough Syrup for the immune system; Heart Helper drops and Pressure Down blends for heart health and the list goes on. You’ll also want to try our amazing elixirs, including our bestselling Fire Cider to support your immune system at the first sign of a cold; our heavenly tasting Rose Elixir for nervous health; our Sleep Elixir for those restless nights and the list goes on…

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At Tilia we believe the perfect herbal product starts with perfect herbs and that is why we use only the best herbs to make our products and to sell to our customers to make their own. We carry only organic or ethically harvested herbs that wherever possible are sourced from local growers. We carry everything from Arnica to Yarrow and sell in whatever size our customers want, from as little as a tablespoon to a bucketful! We are also happy to special order in any herbs we don’t normally carry, just simply ask and we’ll make sure you get what you need.

Apothecary Bath Salts.jpg

Nothing feels better than a soak in a warm bath when you don’t feel well. We have created a line of medicinal baths that not only help you feel better but smell wonderful as well. Our baths combine dried herbs, essential oils and great ingredients such as Epsom salt, dead sea salt, and oatmeal to add to the healing experience. Try our “Achy All Over”, “Anxiety Ease” “Skin Healing”, & “Kids’ Cold & Flu”, and “Fluid Away” baths. Each of our baths come with a muslin bag included so you can just relax after your healing bath and not have to pick herbs out of the tub!

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Studies now show that topical applications can have excellent therapeutic results for health conditions and we have so many different kinds that one is sure to meet your needs. Our Cayenne, Arnica, and Trauma Relief Creams, as well as our Warming Salve, Minty Muscle Ease Sticks, BFC Salve and Poplar Salve provide relief for pain and inflammation from arthritis, sprains, strains and other traumas. Our popular Skin Healing, Anti-Viral, Skin Clearing, Anti-Fungal, and Diabetic Support creams and our Calendula, B’n’B and Vein Support salves can help ease a range of skin problems, while our Hormone Balance and our Women’s Healing creams work to address women’s health issues.

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We are pleased to work with local midwives, doulas and birth educators to create the finest care products available for your growing family. We work hard to support families with both pre & postnatal care products, including safe remedies to support healthy a pregnancy and labour, postnatal issues such as breastfeeding, perianal healing, and the “baby blues”. For babies and children we offer a line of herbal products for skin care, teething, digestion, colds and more.

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Essential oils are a very big part of what we do at Tilia and we know how much our customers love them too. We carry a great selection of individual oils (and are happy to bottle up special oils for you that are not already on the shelf). Essential oil blends for both medicinal and pleasure use are available in pure concentration to use in diffusers (which we carry too) and also in diluted blends using organic carrier oils so that they are ready to use directly on skin.  Convenient roller ball applicators make our perfumes and medicinal blends easy to use.


Support for your emotional and physical health, flower essences provide a gentle and effective way to help bring balance to your health. We are extremely proud to carry both Elemental Essences and the Kootenay Flowers Essence, both created right here in the BC Kootenay region.


customized blending

flower and foot by Katherine Hanlon

Our shop offers a full service apothecary where our fully qualified medical herbalists are there to support you on your journey to wellness.  They are more than happy to answer questions, provide health suggestions, fill prescriptions and create unique blends just for you. While our premade products can address a range of health concerns there are times when a personalized blend can better meet your individual needs and it is our pleasure to create a custom herbal formulation for your specific needs or, should you wish, we can set up an appointment with one of our medical herbalists for a more in-depth health assessment.

Contact us today for more information.

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