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Keeping the Immune System Strong for Cold & Flu Season

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

We are passionate about using herbs to support the immune system and have formulated many varieties of immune remedies over the years. Having so many products on our shelves we often see people coming in and feeling overwhelmed by the selection, unsure of which remedy is the right one for them. We are always more than happy to help you find the best product suited to your needs when you come in but we thought it might be helpful to give an explanation on a few of our most recommended immune remedies and why we love them so much. We hope this helps!

Deep Immune Support is used when the immune system needs some “rebuilding” rather than fast-acting immune boosting. Individuals who are feeling run down and seem to catch one cold after another often benefit most from this type of immune support but you don’t need to fit into that category to enjoy the energy and healthy immune foundation that these herbs provide.

Adapting Herbal Powder is designed to support the body in restoring itself when worn down by conditions of prolonged stress. This blend is full of what we call adaptogen herbs which help repair damage to the adrenal glands, restore energy and improve the body’s immune response. This powder works well when added to liquid (such as a smoothie) but can easily be made into capsules for convenience.

Berry Immune Boosting Powder is a milder version of the Adapting Herbal Powder and it works wonderfully for immune strengthening in children. With deep immune roots, bioflavonoids from berries and inulin from Jerusalem artichoke, this powder is great for keeping the defences up. Again, this pleasant powder is easy to slip into smoothies or even yogurt.

Another favourite restorative remedy of ours is our Deep Immune Tea. This loose tea blend combines the adrenal and immune support power of adaptogen root herbs along with vitamin-C-rich rose hips, and even our immune-building herb of the month, hyssop! Drinking this tea daily helps build the defences up and many have mentioned to us that they appreciate the particularly pleasant flavour.

There are times when we just need a quick immune boost and that’s where the ‘Surface Immune’ herbs are quite useful. These herbs help keep the body on high alert when viruses seem to be going around. They work mainly by stimulating the immune system to increase white blood cells and kill off the bug before it even has a chance to establish itself. These herbs often have an antimicrobial component to them to help as well. While these remedies are great for a quick immune boost, they are intended more for short term use.

Fire Cider is one of our most popular products by far. This tonic has a base of raw apple cider vinegar, honey & lemon and is loaded with the spicy herbs that improve circulation, help boost the immune response and kill off germs. Fire Cider is great to take right at the onset of feeling sick or as a preventative remedy. It has even been found helpful for decreasing the duration and severity of colds if needed.

Elderberry Rose Hip Syrup is another one of our popular remedies. With the vitamin C content and support of bioflavonoids, the immune system is given an effective boost. The mucous membrane is part of our body’s first line of defence and these berries are particularly helpful in keeping this membrane strong.

Oil of Oregano is a strong antimicrobial remedy and its active ingredient, carvacrol is beneficial for antioxidant properties. It is always important with pure oregano essential to dilute it with a carrier oil before use. We have diluted our pure oregano essential oil in an organic extra virgin olive oil base at 10% so you do not need to dilute it yourself. We recommend applying our oregano oil to the feet rather than taking internally as the body handles essential oil better this way. However, it may be taken internally as one drop under the tongue daily for a maximum duration of two weeks at a time.

Unfortunately we don’t always stop the bug in time and end up with those nasty cold & flu symptoms. We have some favourite products to help make the recovery easier and relieve discomfort as much as possible while fighting a cold or flu.

A hot cup of our Cold & Flu Tea not only has an incredibly comforting effect but the combination of healing herbs encourages the body to cough and remove mucus from the lungs while helping the immune system eliminate the viral infection. Mullein, rose hips, boneset, ginger and peppermint are just a few herbs in this tea packed with goodness.

For sore throats our Propolis Throat Spray works wonders in relieving the pain while cleansing the area and helping to clear out the infection quickly. Since this remedy contains bee propolis to boost the immune system it is important to ensure anyone using it does not have a dangerous allergy to bee stings.

Our Cough Syrup blend is gentle and effective enough for both adults and children to use. It is able to calm an irritating dry cough that causes spasms in the chest and prevents that issue from affecting sleep. This cough syrup also helps with stimulating a loose and gentle cough that, just like the Cold/Flu Tea, encourages the body to expel mucus so that it doesn’t remain trapped in the lungs.

For the unfortunate aches that come with the flu, our “Achy All Over” Bath Salt Blend allows the body to relax and get back to a more comfortable state. With a combination of Epsom salt, dead sea salt, baking soda, soothing herbs and pain-relieving essential oils, not much compares to the comforting effect of this blend in a hot bath.

It was difficult to narrow down these popular remedies but from our experience for the past 6 cold & flu seasons of being open, these tried-and-true remedies have not let us or our wonderful customers down and we recommend them the most often. We want to ensure everyone has the best possible support for their needs and we find ourselves formulating a custom blends in many cases so don’t ever be afraid to ask us for advice.

We’re here to help keep you healthy and happy this season!

All material contained herein is provided for general information purposes only and should not be considered medical advice or consultation. Contact a reputable healthcare practitioner if you are in need of medical care.

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