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Welcome to Our New Website!

We are so excited to share our dynamic new website with you! We feel it captures the spirit of Tilia and showcases all the amazing things we sell and do in our shop and now online. It has been 7 years since our passion for herbs and affordable natural wellness came together to create Tilia Botanicals retail store. Throughout that time we have experienced highs & lows, a few tears, lots of laughter, and even a pandemic! During all of these 'ups and downs' we have had one constant – amazing customers. We have been gifted to have some of the most wonderful people walk through our doors - giving us smiles, words of encouragement and believing that what we do matters. It is our hope that with our new website we can enjoy reconnecting with our out-of-town supporters and reach out to new friends who share our values. At Tilia we believe health and wellness begins by being kind to yourself; kind to others; and kind to our planet. So wherever you are in the world let’s find our beauty, let’s be kind and let’s be well together. Welcome to the world of Tilia.

A quick tour of our site …

Our site is jam packed with ways to experience Tilia. For those of you who are new to Tilia we have included a description of the various aspects of our business. On our front page you will find icons that will take you for a tour of our retail store; lead you to our online store; list our upcoming classes and events (both in-class and online); and share a little bit about us and our team. It also links you to our blog that is just overflowing with articles about herbs, wellness, cooking, gardening and much more. The front page is where you can register for our monthly newsletter which shares with you lots of great information about herbs, store events, classes and recipes. Best of all is that when you sign up you will receive a free e-book!

Our new online store is filled with many of our great natural, environmentally friendly products that you can now have mailed directly to your door. We will be regularly adding products to our online shopping and if something we carry isn’t on the website we will do our best to get it to you, even custom blends.

Thanks for all your support, we look forward to growing together.

the Tilia Team

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