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Stain Buster Soap


This soap bar is just the thing for removing stains from fabrics and even as a good household soap cleaner.  While it is made with only natural ingredients, it has plenty of zip so you can be confident that it’ll do the trick!  Note: Use caution with delicate fabrics and test fabrics for colourfastness first.


Ingredients: Oils of Cocos nucifera [coconut], Elaeis guineensis [palm], Glycine max [soybean], Sodium hydroxide, distilled water, sodium borate, essential oils of Citrus limon [lemon], Citrus sinensis [orange], Thymus vulgaris [thyme], Eucalyptus citriodora [lemon eucalyptus], and Citrus paradise  [grapefruit].


Stain Buster Soap - Handcrafted Soap Bar

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