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Capsicum Cream

Studies have shown that the capsaicin found in cayenne peppers has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation. Initially our cream is quite warm but soon its heat gives way to wonderful pain relief. Great for arthritis, muscle and nerve pain.


Contains: Capsicum spp. [cayenne] infused apricot kernel oil & castor oil; Capsicum spp. [cayenne] extract Calendula officinalis [calendula] hydrosol; distilled water, pure grain alcohol, essential oils of Commiphora molmol [myrrh], Boswellia thurifera [frankincense], vegetable emulsifying wax, d-alpha tocopherol [vitamin E], grapefruit seed extract, rosemarinic extract, ECO-cert plant derived natural preservatives.




45ml/ $25.95

100ml/ $35.95

Capsicum Cream

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