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Women’s Symposium 2024 – Nurturing Resilience

Updated: Feb 11

SATURDAY, MARCH 2, 2024 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM | CRESTON


We at Tilia Botanicals are thrilled to once again be partnering with the College of the Rockies – Creston Campus on a wonderful learning experience - the Women’s Wellness Symposium 2024: Nurturing Resilience

This year’s symposium focuses on ways to nurture resilience and will look at ways to achieve this on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  The day is for women in all stages of their lives. Speaker workshops aim to facilitate dialogue, provide resources, and cultivate a sense of balance. Join us for a chance to connect with women in your community for a day of discovery as we explore how to move through life’s challenges and find our strength to thrive.


The symposium fee includes Refreshments, Lunch and Door Prizes. Proceeds from the event will go to women’s charities in our community.

Registration is through the College: online at  or by phone at (250) 250-428-5332 or in person at 301 – 16th Avenue, Creston

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION:  Resilience – Restore, Reboot, and Reclaim

Presenter: Marnie Laser

Resilience is a multifaceted quality that empowers us to embrace the one constant in life - change. Resilience allows us to not only bounce back but to bounce forward. Cultivating this capacity within ourselves and fostering it in our relationships will support us as we navigate life's challenges with determination, courage, grace, and compassion. Through this talk and the whole symposium, you will learn how to build resilience so that you might enjoy dancing in the rain instead of weathering life's storms.

Presenter Bio: Marnie Laser MSc.Kin, e-RYT is a Kinesiologist and Movement Educator and through many years of experience as an academic and a movement educator she has evolved her approach to movement from a purely biomechanical, reductionist perspective to a more integrated and holistic experience of the BodyMind. She has empowered many individuals, from high level athletes to individuals living with chronic pain, to move, feel and live with more awareness, ease and joy.

Spiritual Resilience in the Second Half of Life.

Presenter: Mel Davis

Many of us experience a sense of loss as we push past middle age and enter the second half of life. Excellent! All the great wisdom teachers tell us that loss and failure are our greatest teachers. The inevitable decline that comes with aging, then, can be our time to embrace our True Selves and touch the Divine within. Knowing how to do this builds resilience at the soul level: spiritual resilience. In this session, we will explore spiritual practices from a variety of traditions that will help us navigate the changes ahead, to see and sink into the awareness of our own True Selves and fall in love with the Divine that is within and all around us. In these ways, you will leave this session with the tools of spiritual resilience, refreshed and ready to explore what life brings in the second (and first!) half of life.


Presenter Bio: Mel gardens and raises goats at Mellengrove on Nicks Island. She is a trained Listening Prayer practitioner and Centering Prayer teacher. She is currently enrolled in the Soul-Guiding program at Pacific Jubilee where she is learning to be a Spiritual Director. She is a retired historian and award-winning author.

Understanding Stress & How to Support Yourself

Presenter: Janet Plante

It is often assumed that resilient people don't feel stress. This isn’t true. Resilient people still feel stress when things don't go their way, however, the key difference is that they know how to manage their stress so that they can keep it under control.

In this workshop we will explore what stress is, what stress looks like in your body and how it can affect your health. Other topics will include the difference between stress & trauma, stress & the immune system and chronic vs acute stress. We will wrap things up with how to support yourself when you are stressed including simple lifestyle adjustments, herbs that support you when you are under stress and things you can incorporate into your mind set.

Presenters Bio: Janet’s passionate about growing and playing with the plants. She is a Master Herbalist, currently working towards her registration as a Clinical Herbalist with the BCHA. Janet recently moved to Creston where she can grow all the plants she was unable to in Northern Alberta.

When Life Throws Lemons Make Lemonade

Presenter: Jasmine Lothien

Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”  

Joshua J. Marine

As we face challenges throughout our life, responding effectively gives us a sense of wellbeing, trust in ourselves to overcome them, and promotes profound personal growth. In this presentation we will review the latest research on resilience and engage our senses in experiential and fun activities. We will take an inventory of our existing strengths and explore ways to develop new strengths that facilitate increasing self-confidence in our capacity to navigate life’s many difficulties.

Presenter Bio: Jasmine is an expressive arts therapist and counsellor. She has been practicing for 29 years. Over the past six years she has provided services for a Walk-in and Online Counselling Clinic, focusing on developing new resilience skills in times of challenge and adversity. Jasmine serves the communities of Creston and Cranbrook, as well as online clients nationally.

Adapting – Self- Care in a Changing World

Presenter: Rachel Beck

Every day we are faced with physical and emotional stressors and slowly the impact of these over time wears away at our reserves and leaves us struggling to cope. In this session you will learn about gentle, nurturing herbs, essential oils, flower essences and lifestyle changes that can support you on your wellness journey. We can adapt, grow, and thrive and our plant allies are there to help.

Presenters Bio: Rachel has been a medical herbalist for over 30 years and has additional certifications in homeopathy, medical aromatherapy, and flower essence therapy. Rachel taught herbal medicine for 18 years at the College of the Rockies, and now teaches through her own school Natural Options in Education. In addition to having a private healthcare practice, Rachel is also the co-owner and a product developer for Tilia Botanicals. 

Body Image Resilience: An Intersectional Analysis

Presenter: Bethany Rooker

In this session Bethany will be speaking on body image resilience, the history and development of women's body image issues, and intersectionality and identity impacts on one's self-image. She will use her lived and professional experience to provide workshop attendees with individual body image practices to improve one's confidence, physical and mental health, and quality of life. She will also speak to group practices to support the empowerment and body image resilience in the community of Creston.

Presenter Bio: Bethany (she/her) is a Registered Clinical Counsellor specialized in providing therapy to individuals and caregivers impacted by eating disorders and body image. Bethany is eager to bring her lived and professional experience to the women in the Creston Valley who have hopes of healing their relationship with their bodies.

A panel discussion will end off the day with a range of amazing women sharing their stories and inspirations with the group. Full panel list to be posted at a later date.



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