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What are you doing for World Kindness Day?

Now more than ever our world needs kindness. Kindness heals; kindness nurtures; kindness can change the world.

On Saturday November 13, 2021 we invite you to join all of us at Tilia as we celebrate World Kindness Day 2021.

The objective of World Kindness Day is to spread kindness with small gestures. The main tradition of the day is to be kind and to try and encourage kindness. In honour of this day, we will be giving away free Kindness Cookie recipes and bags of organic true cinnamon to add to your cookies.

All we ask is that on November 13th, as an act of kindness, you share the cookies you bake with someone else. The recipe and cinnamon will be available at our shop from Tuesday November 9th through the 13th for you to pick up. To find out more about World Kindness Day visit Come on Creston, show the world how kind we are. We’ve got this!

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